It’s Me!

Photo by Jaime Lynn Photography

What's my story? Well, I feel like I'm always writing it, re-writing it, editing that re-write and it's never quite polished. So I just go with the first version and stick with flying by the seat of my pants...which is weird because I can't stand wearing pants. As you can tell I love a good dad joke, being a goof is what I am very good at and I feel that photography and being odd go hand and hand so we were the perfect pair from the start.  

I was born and raised in the heartland in the little city, big town of Omaha, NE. Everyone knows everyone and you can rarely go to a hot spot without knowing at least one person. For a big town I think that's pretty unique and yes, we do have more then just corn & cows, although those are a few of my favorite things.

Traveling is one of my greatest passions. There's something about the open road, playing random playlists and finding yourself that help define the meaning of life. Being alone is one of my favorite things, and being surrounded by ones I love is one of the greatest feelings in the word.

I also, believe it or not, sell vintage furniture and home goods to support my love of photography & traveling.