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Photo by TLP Photography

Photo by TLP Photography

My name is Alicia Skillman, quick overview of my life is I was born and raised around Omaha, NE. If you throw a dart at the map of the US and aim close to the middle you would probably get pretty close. It’s beautiful here, we are a bigger city but still have a small town feel. My friends are my biggest supporters, and my clients turn into my friends which is the greatest feeling on Earth.

I love the nightlife of a bigger city, being social is one of my favorite things, but on my free time you can also catch me tent camping just outside the city lights sitting listening to the sounds of crackling campfire. I have two amazing pups named Riley and Kota who are my to best little dude friends and are the cutest pups on the planet.

Boudoir and Portrait Photography are my absolute passion through and through. I bought a camera a few years ago, took the plunge on following what my eyes told me to capture and here we are. I’m incredibly lucky to capture the beauty in everyone I see.


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